Testimonial 4

“From the beginning of the consultation, Mary and Dr. Carreon made me feel like I was their only patient. They took their time out to explain the process and make sure I understood what would be expected and made sure they answered all my questions. At the day of the procedure on my abs, the numbing medication was not as bad as I expected. That evening, I kept in mind that I had to move around, and it made it much easier the next day. Within 24 hour time frame, it was very noticeable of my reduction on my abs. the pain overall on my abs was a 5 on a scale of 1-10. I also had Smart Lipo on my inner and outer thighs and the banana roll That was a 6 ½ pain on a scale of 1-10. I was back to my normal routine and workout regime. And my 1 month follow-up, my upper abs was reduced by 2 inches. I could definitely see my abs as flat and not pouched out and hanging over my clothes as before. I understand that at 1 month out I’m not at the end of the road, I still have over 40% left before the remainder of the swelling goes. But I am very satisfied with my journey to now, Mary was very helpful she answered my questions day or night, weekday on end. Dr. Carreon and her staff have been very friendly and extremely helpful through my dealing with them. I would love to speak with any potential client that my have any questions or concerns about the procedure they may embark on.”