$9.75/unit Botox Thursday Special

Dr. Melanie Carreon is the “only” one that provides Botox in our “Accredited Medical Facility”, and has been performing Botox since 2004, with “over 12 years” of Botox experience…experience matters!

Frown lines and crow’s feet – The lines we know as frown lines and crow’s feet are lines of facial expression.

They are created by the repeated action of very specific facial muscles and the lines become more apparent over time. The muscles creating the frown lines are called the corrugator muscles and the procerus muscles and they are located above the eyebrows and in the middle of the bridge of the nose. The orbicularis oculi muscles create the crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes. These muscles are easily identified and their movements can be minimized with the technique of Botox injection. What is Botox? – Botox is a purified protein toxin produced by the clostridium botulinum bacteria.

How is Botox used?
First, the muscles to be treated are identified by observing the patient making different facial expressions. Botox, which comes frozen and dried, is reconstituted and diluted to a very specific strength. Drops of Botox are injected with a tiny needle into the muscle that creates the wrinkle. When Botox is injected into a muscle, it can block the nerve impulse from reaching that area, and as a result, the muscle weakens. As the muscle weakens, the skin overlying the muscle relaxes and the wrinkle in the skin gradually softens and often disappears.

Does a Botox injection hurt?
When Botox is injected there can be an initial sting. Once the injection is complete, there can be minimum discomfort.

Where can Botox be Injected?
The most common areas for the use of Botox are the frown lines between the eyebrows, the horizontal forehead lines, and the crow’s feet. On occasion, some other areas may be treated as well.

How fast does Botox work?
There is no immediate response to the Botox injection. It may take several days for the muscles to be affected, at which time, one may notice the gradual loss of ability to frown or to create the lines affected by the treated muscles.

Does Botox affect other facial expressions?
The effect of the Botox is only in the immediate area of the injection. Therefore, the muscles related to other expressions are unaffected.

How long does a Botox treatment last?
The effects of Botox usually last three to five months, at which time another injection is required. After several treatments, the effects of Botox may begin to last longer, sometimes up to six to eight months. We recommend treatment every three months for the first year, then repeat treatment as needed. Results may vary.

Is the treatment for everyone?
There are very few restrictions regarding Botox treatments. Patients who are pregnant, have a neurological disease, or are taking antibiotics should not be treated. Come in for a complimentary consultation and see if this treatment is right for you.

Question: Why consider Dr. Melanie Carreon as your Botox Injector?

Answer: She’s a “Physician” that has “over 12 years” of experience as a Botox Injector (since 2004), and now performed in an “AAAHC Accredited Medical Facility”.

Thursday Specials on Botox is only $9.75/unit, Juvederm and Radiesse, performed by Dr. Melanie Carreon only.