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Medical Weight Loss Program in San Antonio, TX

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About our Program

The Center for Medical Weight Loss of Seguin, near New Braunfels, San Marcos, San Antonio and Austin TX is a branch of LCS Medical Spa that was founded by Dr. Melanie Carreon to help patients combat weight loss through the use of diet, exercise, prescription medication, and more. Patients are provided with tools and information to help accomplish projected and personal weight loss goals and help maintain weight loss. Whether your goal is to lose weight for cosmetic reasons or you are suffering from poor health due to obesity, we will work to help you lose weight. We are honored to be serving the communities of Seguin, San Antonio, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Houston, Austin, TX. If you are interested in learning more, contact our front desk today to set up a private consultation with Dr. Carreon. We look forward to meeting you.

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Ideal Candidates

Our weight loss program is designed to help men and women who are struggling to lose weight. Some of the benefits of losing weight with the Center for Medical Weight Loss may include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower blood sugar
  • More energy
  • Improved mobility
  • Less joint pain
  • Weight maintenance

Program Details

Each patient who visits our medical weight loss clinic will receive a customized medical weight loss program with personal counseling and careful monitoring to help work toward achieving short and long-term goals. Although our primary objective is to help you reach your target weight, the focus of care is to help you to maintain a healthy weight, after you complete your medical weight loss program. Our medical weight loss programs are devised using different programs in the areas of obesity, nutrition, fitness, prescription medication, exercise, motivation, weight loss counseling, and weight-related illness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my insurance cover any of the weight loss programs cost?
Insurance usually doesn’t cover weight loss and our office doesn’t file with any insurance company. Some patient’s have submitted claims themselves once contacting their insurance provider. They themselves get reimbursed. However in our office, we do not submit any claims to insurance companies.


How much does the program cost?
Costs may vary depending on the weight loss program, the amount of weight loss involved, and your medical diagnosis. Call our office, at 1-830-379-9266 opt. 2, to find out how affordable it can be to get started. We will be happy to discuss fees, program costs and other critical program facts during your consultation at the Center for Medical Weight Loss of Seguin.


Do I have to be extremely overweight to consider the Center for Medical Weight Loss? What if I only need to lose 10-15 pounds?
Our weight loss programs are not simply for people who are extremely overweight, but are those who may be unhappy or feel unhealthy due to their weight. We can tell you if you don’t need to lose weight or if you don’t qualify for CMWL weight loss programs for any reason. Our priority is helping you with your overall health and well being.


Are your weight loss programs safe if I have diabetes or any other medical conditions?
Not only can The Center for Medical Weight Loss programs safe for people with diabetes, hypertension, and other medical problems – they may be helpful in controlling complications that may result from these diseases. More than this, CMWL weight loss programs may help alleviate many of the other conditions that can result from obesity, including arthritis, coronary artery disease, sleep apnea, persistent lymphedema, lower extremity edema, hypertension, and high cholesterol.


How many weight loss programs do you have?
The Center for Medical Weight Loss offers three basic weight loss program options. Each weight loss program can be individualized, based on your needs and requirements and includes personal counseling and a recommendation for exercise.


How long do I have to stay on any of these weight loss programs?
The length of time you may stay on any weight loss program depends on which program you are on, how much weight you are aiming to lose and – most importantly – how motivated you may be. As you know, weight loss is not about a “quick fix.” When moving from the initial phase of any weight loss program to maintenance phases, the goal is to establish healthy eating habits you can follow throughout your life. The programs at The Center for Medical Weight Loss are comprehensive and include behavior modification and counseling, as well as exercise recommendations which aim to help you achieve on-going success.


How often do I have to visit a CMWL weight loss center?
This depends on the weight loss program requirements. Some programs require a monthly visit. It depends on what you are willing to do. The program runs around each individual’s needs.


Do you offer B12 injections/Lipoinjections?
Yes we do. B12 Injections and Lipoinjections are available at the Center for Medical Weight Loss and are administered in the office. You can receive the injections either weekly or bi-weekly. Some patients choose the bi-weekly dose since it is only $5 more, compared to getting weekly injections.


Do you see a lot of your patients losing weight?
Many patients, at the Center for Medical Weight Loss in Texas, lose weight after just one week after participating in one of our programs. With on-going focus, our patients can keep it off. Visit our weight loss testimonials page to see some of the real life success stories from our patients.

Get Started

Stop putting off your health and come visit LCS Medical Spa to meet with Dr. Carreon about achieving your weight loss goals. Losing weight can be tough and receiving professional help can make a big difference in your success. Dr. Carreon has worked with thousands of men and women and has years of expert experience. You deserve to look and feel your best, and we can help you transform your body and health for the better.

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