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Top Tips for a Better Booty

Do you know the three methods to a better booty? All three methods work, with some requiring more effort than others. New to the tried and tested lit include Emsculpt, the first device to build muscle and sculpt your booty non-invasively. Despite performing the equivalent to 20,000 squats per session, you just lay there and never break a sweat!


Speaker 1: Okay, my amazing followers. Every day, I get asked how I keep my amazing physique. Well, here are my tried and true tips for a better booty.

First, hydrate. Drink lots of water and eat right. Make sure you stretch every day. Flexibility is key. A picnic table is an opportunity. All those steps throughout the day really add up. Park at the far side of the parking lot. That can boost your step count up to 20%. And most of all, for the best booty, get Emsculpt.

Okay my amazing peeps, that's it for today. And always, stay beautiful.