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Women Talk on Fitness Routines

New methods and routines to shape a better backside are discussed monthly in various magazines. When women put the methods to the test what do they find? Everything from Balle-Karate to Emsculpt are discussed. Is it possible that one can just lay there while Emsculpt performs the equivalent to 20,000 squats per session? Find out now.


Speaker 1:          I am so not ready for bikini season.

Speaker 2:          Oh my God, I've been doing this new workout, it's called Ballerate. It's like ballet and karate, it's like fight dancing, it's pretty rad.

Speaker 1:          That sounds intense. I'm doing hot hooping.

Speaker 2:          Hot hooping? What's that?

Speaker 1:          I was hoping you'd ask, it's like really intense hula hooping.

Speaker 2:          Oh, I've heard that hula hooping is a really great workout.

Speaker 1:          Yeah, except with hot hooping you do it with flaming hula hoops, so the fear of burning yourself alive rises your adrenaline and you burn twice the calories ... apparently.

Speaker 2:          Oh, wow.

Speaker 1:          Yeah, it's science. When you pee your pants out of fear, your kidneys pee out excess fat.

Speaker 3:          Oh, you know, I guess that's why my workout's so popular.

Speaker 1:          Oh, what are you doing?

Speaker 3:          I'm doing big, bad, booty bootcamp. Yeah, my big, bad, booty drill sergeant literally beats you with a stick if you don't do enough push ups.

Speaker 4:          Get down.

Speaker 2:          Wow, how's that going?

Speaker 3:          Well, I'm in constant pain, but under all the bruises I really think my butt's starting to look really great. Unless that's swelling from all the welts.

Speaker 2:          Julie, how do you keep your butt so tight?

Speaker 1:          Yeah Jules, what's your secret?

Julie:              EMSculpt.

Speaker 2:          Oh, that sounds intense. What is it?

Julie:              Not really man, I just lay here like this for half an hour and it flexes my butt 20,000 times, and you just go for four times and your butt gets tighter.

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Speaker 3:          Oh my God.

Speaker 2:          Why is she [inaudible 00:02:13]? Really Julie, you dropped the ice? Oh come on, really? Oh, her abs too.

Speaker 1:          I have a shovel and lime in my car, nobody'll miss her. Hey!

Speaker 2:          Hey!

Speaker 3:          Hi Jules! You got the hummus.

Julie:              I love hummus. It's my favorite, it's garlic.

Speaker 6:          Premium beat dot com.