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The Booty Resuscitation

Pancake butt can be a serious problem for many's confidence. Watch how Emsculpt, the first device to build muscle and sculpt your body non-invasively, resuscitates patients back side by performing the equivalent to 20,000 squats per session.


Speaker 1: Come on we gotta go.

Speaker 2: Wait.

Speaker 1: We gotta go, go, go.

Speaker 3: Go.

Speaker 1: All right. What we got?

Speaker 3: 35 year old female. Grade three pancake butt.

Speaker 1: Grade three pancake butt?

Speaker 2: Oh my God. How bad is it?

Speaker 3: It's bad.

Speaker 1: Oh, it's flat.

Speaker 2: I'm flat.

Speaker 3: Like Kansas. We got ourselves some cans ass.

Speaker 1: Kans-ass.

Speaker 2: What's happening?

Speaker 3: It's fine ma'am. Stay calm.

Speaker 1: Oh, we're flat lining. Call the code.

Speaker 3: Get the EMSculpt.

Speaker 1: Let's go.