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Considering Liposuction? Here’s a Brief on the Benefits

Considering Liposuction? Here’s a Brief on the Benefits

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that can improve certain areas of the body by removing unwanted fat. Among one of the most popular plastic surgeries performed in this country, liposuction can help both women and men reshape the way they look after diet and exercise efforts have been exhausted. Not to be used as a form of weight loss, liposuction is the cosmetic tool to reshape and help contour trouble spots. Commonly used to target the stomach, hip, or back area, there are various other areas on the body that liposuction can help especially with a qualified professional like Dr. Carreon.

Dr. Melanie Carreon is a board-certified medical doctor and founder of the LCS Medical Spa in Seguin, TX. Her accredited outpatient surgical center offers liposuction procedures to both women and men in the greater southern Texas area including San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Liposuction procedures can help individuals who are at their ideal weight take their body to the next level. Both men and women can look slimmer and feel more fit with the help of liposuction. Here is some information from Dr. Carreon on the several benefits that liposuction can offer and how she can help.

Long-lasting results

Liposuction can give healthy individuals who have maintained their ideal body weight long-term results. It is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, but it can kick your body up a notch by removing those pesky trouble spots that have stubborn excess fat. As long as a patient doesn’t greatly increase their body weight, it can have a long-lasting effect on how a person looks. Liposuction can also influence a person to continue better habits of eating healthy and exercising regularly after they see the amazing results it can provide.

Help reduce excess fat in multiple areas

The surgical procedure of liposuction can help patients in Seguin, TX as well as the surrounding cities of San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin with a multitude of issues. The cannula instrument can reduce fat and sculpt a myriad of “problem areas” for patients especially with a qualified, medical doctor like Dr. Carreon. One of the many benefits of liposuction is how it can give patients immediate results in the following areas:

– Chin or face area–to eliminate a double chin or excess fat in the lower jowl or cheek area.
– Waist or lower back–reduce the appearance of “love handles”.
– Upper arms–a common problem area especially for women as they age to eliminate the pesky “arm jiggle”.
– Buttocks–reduces the amount of excess fat to give patients better shape to their backside.
– Abdomen–a popular area to remove excess fat in the upper and lower regions of the midsection.
– Hips–reduces excess fat and helps contour the hip area especially for women to give them a smooth, feminine silhouette.
– Back–reduces back rolls also known as “bra fat” for a smoother appearance.
– Chest–reduces excess fat in the chest area especially for men suffering from gynecomastia or “man boobs”.
– Thighs–reduces excess fat in the inner, outer or upper interior of the leg near the buttocks.

Achieve your aesthetic goals

Liposuction is a versatile cosmetic tool that can give patients a sleeker, more fit appearance in a wide range of areas. When performed by a qualified, experienced medical professional, liposuction can help transform the way a patient looks while boosting their self-confidence. Patients can usually see immediate results after their liposuction procedure. Once the initial swelling in the target area subsides in a few weeks, patients can further enjoy their enhancements and instantly begin to feel better about how they look. Liposuction can also help improve a person’s lifestyle by improving abnormalities or imbalances in certain areas where a patient has struggled with stubborn pockets of fat. Your aesthetic goals can be possibly reached with the help of liposuction and Dr. Carreon can be your partner to achieve the look you want.

Safe and effective for more than one area

Liposuction is still a form of surgery but in general is safe and effective especially when performed by a qualified, experienced medical professional like Dr. Carreon at LCS Medical Spa in Seguin, TX. Most patients don’t usually carry excess fat in just one area. Instead, they struggle with multiple areas that can be helped with liposuction. After a thorough consultation with Dr. Carreon, it can be determined if you are the right candidate to experience liposuction in more than one area at the same time. Important factors must be considered like your body shape, excess fat locations, and your overall aesthetic goals.

Liposuction is a body contouring procedure that can help patients take their body to the next level. By removing stubborn pockets of excess fat, liposuction is a versatile cosmetic procedure that can transform several different target areas on the body. In some cases, patients can have more than one area done at the same time allowing for one recovery period. If you have maintained your ideal body weight for over six months and need help with certain trouble spots, then liposuction may be the right solution for you. If you live in Seguin, TX or the surrounding areas of San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, and are interested in liposuction or the other body contouring procedures that board-certified medical professional Dr. Melanie Carreon offers at LCS Medical Spa, then please call to schedule a consultation today.