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7 body parts that can be treated with Liposuction

A liposuction procedure is an excellent solution to put an end to stubborn fat once and for all. Most people associate liposuction with surgery only and believe it is only used for certain areas like the thighs or hips, but there are actually various liposuction methods available today ranging from traditional liposuction surgery to laser lipo that can both create great results depending on your ultimate goal. Liposuction is a procedure that can actually be used in many more problem areas from the upper body to the lower body, and many more in between. A liposuction procedure is an excellent way to slim and contour your body and remove fat that has not responded well to diet or exercise.

Dr. Melanie Carreon with LCS Medical Spa located in Seguin, TXDr. Melanie Carreon with LCS Medical Spa located in Seguin, TX, performs liposuction under local anesthesia on men and women from neighboring New Braunfels, San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston on a regular basis, and has compiled a list of the top 7 areas of the body that patients request most often. As you can see from this list, liposuction is a much more popular procedure than most people realize.

The top 7 areas that can be treated with liposuction

Face and neck

Fatty tissue tends to develop in the face (especially under the chin) and neck. Liposuction is an effective way to treat the dreaded double chin and fatty jowls. Following a liposuction procedure, your face will appear slimmer and more defined. Results are dramatic and well received. This is a very delicate area for liposuction so a gentler method is often used depending on what is being addressed.


Oftentimes, fat can collect around the knees and this is very difficult to get rid of without cosmetic intervention. Liposuction can eliminate the pockets of fat that accumulate here and allow you to wear shorts or skirts without having to be self-conscious. Men and women from all around the New Braunfels, San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston areas know how hot it gets in Texas. With liposuction of the knees, you can wear shorts and feel cool and confident in the summer heat.


If you’re a male who’s dealing with an unsightly chest that you feel looks too feminine because of extra fat that resemble breast, liposuction can help to contour this area. Chest liposuction can remove the excess fat and create a more masculine look. For liposuction to work well in the chest area, patients should have good skin laxity.

Upper arms

If you’re tired of dealing with extra bulges on your upper arms and under them, liposuction can assist in creating a slimmer appearance. By removing just a little isolated fat, you can feel more comfortable wearing sleeveless shirts and tanks. It’s important to note that if you have what is known as “Bat Wings”, this is an issue related to loose skin, which cannot be corrected with liposuction.

Lower abdomen

Liposuction is commonly performed in this area and works well to treat stubborn belly fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. Patients love how it removes the dreaded “pooch belly” and creates a slimmer look. Many times, liposuction of the stomach helps patients reach their weight loss goals by helping to lose those last few extra inches.

Inner and outer thighs

Stubborn fat located on the thighs can make the legs look larger regardless of how much you workout. Sometimes, this can be caused by heredity. Liposuction can help reshape the inner thigh or slim down the appearance of the outer thigh. In addition, while liposuction cannot necessarily treat cellulite, it can possibly in some cases help smooth out the skin making the thigh possibly appear less dimply. The thighs respond well to liposuction and the results provide a toned, more proportionate look.

Waist, hips, and flanks

Finally, if you are battling love handles and dream of attaining a more hourglass shape or a more defined waist, liposuction can help this area dramatically. For both men and women, this is an area that is commonly treated with liposuction. The waist can look slimmer, love handles created by fat pockets within the flanks can be greatly reduced, and an overall better contour can be achieved.

Tell me more about liposuction

Seguin, TX men and women can achieve dramatic results with liposuction. It is a method used to create dramatic improvements by removing fat and contouring the shape of your body. If your body is near a healthy weight, both traditional liposuction or a minimally invasive laser liposuction treatment may work. In general, liposuction of any kind is not an effective treatment for obesity or a way to lose weight. Liposuction is also not a treatment that corrects or improves the appearance of excessive loose skin. It is a fat removal and fat reduction option for patients desiring to slim and trim certain body parts.

How can I learn more?

The first step to learning more about liposuction is to call LCS Medical Spa to setup a consultation with Dr. Melanie Carreon. Dr. Carreon founded LCS Medical Spa, and is a board-certified medical doctor who has been performing liposuction for over 13 years. Dr. Carreon has the skills and experience with over 3,000 surgeries performed, to perform liposuction treatments. During your consultation, Dr. Carreon will assess the areas of your body where you seek improvement and offer the best course of action to give you the aesthetic results you are after.

We know you have many options when it comes to selecting a liposuction doctor and we hope that you’ll contact us to see for yourself why so many patients in Southeast Texas choose LCS Medical Spa to help achieve their body goals. Give our Seguin, TX med spa a call today to learn more!

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