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I Have Love Handles and a Belly Pooch But Don’t Want Surgery

Men and women who are unhappy with the contours of their bodies in areas such as the love handles and belly are happy to learn of nonsurgical cosmetic options to look and feel better. Despite the time spent in the gym and calorie counting, it just may not be enough to attain that possibility of desired leaner and more sculpted shape. While body contouring solutions like liposuction are still popular choices, nonsurgical body contouring techniques can provide stunning results for both men and women without needles, incisions, or downtime.

Board-certified medical doctor Dr. Melanie Carreon is the founder of LCS Medical Spa in Seguin, TX. Her accredited MedSpa center offers both surgical and nonsurgical body sculpting options to patients in the surrounding areas of New Braunfels, San Marcos, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Dr. Carreon and her professional staff offer effective, noninvasive body contouring procedures to help patients achieve their specific aesthetic goals. Read below to learn more about some of the different techniques offered by LCS Medical Spa to help you reduce those bothersome love handles and belly pooch.


SmartLipo™ Triplex is an FDA approved, minimally invasive procedure for those wanting to eliminate fat from problem areas such as the love handles and belly, but prefer a less invasive surgical option compared to traditional liposuction. This procedure uses a laser to dissolve and remove fat cells and helps with tightening the skin by stimulating collagen production. The laser melts the fat cells making for a gentler removal. Small incisions are made in a discreet place and are so small that they are hardly noticeable when they heal. Patients who undergo SmartLipo can return to work and resume some activities within a few days post-op. Optimal results will be likely be visible in about six weeks.

It’s important to note that SmartLipo is not a weight loss fix. Patients should not rely on SmartLipo solely for weight loss or maintenance. This procedure is an excellent option for individuals needing moderate body contouring help in areas such as the love handles and belly, but cannot successfully reduce these areas with diet and exercise alone.


Patients in San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin, TX are discovering that EMSCULPT® is another alternative, noninvasive body contouring option offered by LCS Medical Spa in Seguin, TX that sculpts the body by burning fat and increasing muscle. This innovative technique uses magnetic fields to stimulate underlying muscles in two target areas -- the stomach and buttocks. This energy forces the muscles to contract and produces the same results as vigorous exercise in half the time and with minimal discomfort. EMSCULPT promotes fat burning on top of muscle building, so patients are left with more toned, sculpted abdominals. Most women and men who opt for EMSCULPT to contour their body receive anywhere from 4-8 treatments, spaced at least 2-3 days apart. Noticeable results can be expected in around 2-4 weeks. This quick and effective procedure is the equivalent of an intense workout but EMSCULPT does all the work.


This fat reduction technique is literally cool. CoolSculpting is designed to freeze away stubborn fat cells through controlled cooling. Those cooled cells are naturally flushed out of your body, leaving patients with a leaner physique. Men and women who undergo this nonsurgical procedure are able to return to normal activities following the treatment. The number of treatments needed will vary by patient. The destroyed fat cells can not regenerate, but new fat cells can form. It’s recommended to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine to keep your new contoured shape.

BTL Vanquish ME

The latest in noninvasive body contouring from BTL, Vanquish ME provides a nonsurgical treatment to reduce the size of your abdomen, flanks, arms, and thighs. Using advanced RF technology, this treatment uses radio frequency heat wavelengths to diminish and shrink fat cells, leading to a tighter, slim part of the body. Vanquish ME has no downtime or healing process, allowing it to be the lunch time body contouring solution to fit your schedule.

Laser Cellulite Reduction

Also known as Venus Freeze, this technique targets cellulite, the lumpy, dimpled tissue often found around the areas of the hips, thighs, stomach, and buttocks. The procedure uses radio frequency technology and pulsed electromagnetic fields to heat the tissue beneath the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin to produce firmer looking skin. Most patients find this temporary treatment to improve the appearance of cellulite to be relatively comfortable as it creates a warming sensation. LCS Medical Spa is proud to offer this quick and painless solution for men and women in Seguin, New Braunfels, San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston who are dealing with unsightly cellulite.

Ideal candidates for nonsurgical body contouring
The best way to determine if you are the right candidate for a nonsurgical body contouring procedure is to schedule a private consultation with a qualified, board-certified medical doctor, like Dr. Carreon. During her analysis, she will listen to your body goals and determine what treatments are the best choice for your body contouring goals.

Many of these procedures are recommended for those who do not wish to undergo traditional liposuction. It is essential to be close to goal weight and in good general health. A healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise, can help maintain results. The body contouring treatments mentioned above are not intended as a weight loss solution, but they can be an ideal solution to eliminate stubborn fat pockets of fat in areas such as the love handles and belly.

If you are interested in hearing more about the different body contouring techniques offered at LCS Medical Spa in Seguin, TX, then schedule a free consultation with board-certified medical professional Dr. Melanie Carreon today. There are many nonsurgical options available so you can love the way you look once more.

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