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The technology behind EMSCULPT


Few things can be more frustrating than trying to ditch a small belly pooch. Despite sticking to a strict diet and spending countless hours at the gym performing targeted abdominal exercises, fat that accumulates in this area can be seriously stubborn. For decades, invasive tummy tuck surgery was the only way to tighten underlying muscles to create a more toned stomach.

Times have definitely changed. Now, the revolutionary technology behind EMSCULPT allows men and women to build up their abdominal muscles while simultaneously reducing fat to achieve the highly sculpted abs they desire. It also can create remarkably lifted results when performed on the buttocks. The best part: it takes a fraction of the time of traditional exercise and there is no surgery or downtime required.

EMSCULPT is one of the most popular noninvasive cosmetic procedures offered at LCS Medical Spa in Seguin, TX, where Dr. Melanie Carreon closely monitors the noticeable results it has provided patients in the Greater Southeast Texas communities of Austin, Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, and New Braunfels. A board-certified medical doctor, she breaks down the innovative technology behind EMSCULPT.


EMSCULPT is the first FDA approved nonsurgical device that builds muscle while burning fat in the abdomen and buttocks. Pulses of high-intensity electromagnetic energy cause strong muscle contractions that cannot otherwise be achieved during a standard workout. Undergoing a single EMSCULPT session is the equivalent of performing 20,000 sit-ups or squats within 30 minutes. That’s about the same amount that can be accomplished over the course of 100 workouts. At the same time, EMSCULPT strengthens the fibers of the muscles. As those muscles build, fats cells are diminished. What results is a toned, better-defined stomach or a more lifted butt. Clinical studies have shown that EMSCULPT treatments are effective for reducing fat by 19% and boosting muscle mass by 16%.

How does it work?

The highly focused electromagnetic energy associated with EMSCULPT is the same type that is employed by MRIs to produce images of the body. However, in this case, that energy is directed at the body’s core muscles, including the serratus anterior on the ribs, the internal and external obliques in the abdomen, and the rectus abdominus muscles, which are known as the “abs.” When performed on the buttocks, the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus muscles are targeted to create a stronger, more sculpted backside.

During treatments, noninvasive high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology causes the muscles to perform what is called supramaximal contractions. It is impossible to achieve the same strength produced by these contractions through voluntary muscle contractions. These strong contractions force the muscle tissue to adapt to this extreme state by remodeling the deep layers of their inner structure. The fibers of the muscles increase and thicken, leading to a buildup of muscle mass that eventually may become visible beneath the skin. At the same time, a metabolic reaction called lipolysis also occurs in response to the contractions. This effectively destroys fat cells, which the body goes on to eliminate naturally.

What an EMSCULPT treatment involves

At LCS Medical Spa in Seguin, TX, every effort is made to help patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their EMSCULPT treatments, which take about 30 minutes to complete. During the state-of-the-art treatment, a paddle-like device is strapped to the abdomen in about the same area that a belt is worn. It also may be positioned over the buttocks for treatment of that area.

While there usually is no pain experienced during or after an EMSCULPT treatment, some patients report being a bit startled by the slight jolt that can accompany the first lower-level energy pulse that it emitted. As the session continues, the intensity of the pulses increases. The muscles are flexed far beyond their normal capacity while you continue to rest comfortably. Think of it this way: It would be impossible to perform sit-ups while balancing a 300-pound weight on your stomach. However, this is the effect felt by your muscles courtesy of EMSCULPT. As your muscles contract 20,000 times during each session, you may experience a rush of endorphins. It is also possible to feel the so-called “natural high” that often follows an intense workout.

Because EMSCULPT is a nonsurgical procedure, little or no downtime is required following a session. In fact, some patients schedule their appointments at LCS Medical Spa during their lunch hour, undergo a session, and return to work immediately afterward.

What results can be expected?

It is not unusual to feel a bit sore following an EMSCULPT session, just as you might after a rigorous workout. However, the targeted treatment means that patients will not experience the same production of lactic acid that results from a full body workout. As a result, it is possible to complete an EMSCULPT session and participate in a workout at the gym on the same day.

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended that patients schedule a total of four EMSCULPT sessions, spaced 2-3 days apart, over a period of two weeks. Although you likely will feel the results of EMSCULPT as soon as your initial treatment is complete, it usually takes 2-4 weeks following your final session to begin witnessing more defined contours and the fitter physique that can be achieved. Follow-up sessions may be scheduled every 1-2 months to maintain the stunning results.

It is important to remember that EMSCULPT is not meant to be weight loss treatment. It should not be used to replace a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. In fact, the more toned physique that can be created with EMSCULPT may provide the motivation that some men and women need to keep up their regular workout schedule.

Who doesn’t want sexy six-pack abs or a shapelier butt? For some, exercise alone is not always enough for patients in Greater Southeast Texas to achieve these results. With the innovative technology of EMSCULPT, a more sculpted tummy and backside can be yours. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Melanie Carreon at LCS Medical Spa in Seguin, TX, and begin the journey toward a new-and-improved you.

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